What Our Clients Say

Asma Fayyaz

I had pain in my back area and my right leg had less sensation all the time, received SMS from NoorCare about their Physiotherapy home service. Instantly called them and consultation session was booked, their therapists are quite well equipped and have sound knowledge and address all my queries with full concern. It has resolved my problem and I recommend NoorCare Rehab to friends & family and will utilize their service in future as well.


My brother Yusaf has Cerebral Palsy, he is unable to walk properly, neither he could sit without assistance, had visited tons of Neuro physicians but all in vain then we contacted Noorcare Rehab. They took the consultation session first and gave us hope that with proper Physio sessions he will be able to sit and walk independently. Currently have taken one-month sessions with them and their service is satisfactory, my brother can sit now independently in one month process and Insha’Allah I hope he will walk proper one day.

Shaista Masood

I was diagnosed with lumbar stenosis and took 13 sessions with NoorCare Rehab. They have quite amazing system, receiving appointments schedules, reminders, progress notes all throughout my sessions via their Electric Medical Record system. My back pain is quite improved, thanks to them.

Fakhra Sohaib

I had cervical radiculopathy and couldn’t hold anything in hand and my night sleep was disturbed. Took 15 sessions with NoorCare Rehab home service and pain is subsided completely.